To the University of California Board of Regents and President Michael V. Drake,

We the undersigned request you meet with student representatives to address the unjustifiable support of animal agriculture by the UC system in the face of the human, non-human animal, and environmental crises we face today. We urge the UC to pave the way for a just and sustainable food system by taking the following actions:

  1. Immediately begin a comprehensive five-year transition from animal food products to ethical, healthier, and cleaner plant-based provisions across dining halls and throughout hospitality events.
  2. Divert funds towards cruelty-free alternatives to non-food products, materials, and methods.
  3. Publicly condemn the slaughter and exploitation of animals in the food industry through campus publications and press releases across UC campuses.

The University of California has historically been a catalyst for global change, and now, more than ever, we need to demonstrate our leadership. Animal agriculture tortures trillions of animals each year, spurs the deforestation of the Amazon, and creates frightening potential for another global pandemic. These reasons — and many others — are detailed and sourced in this attached document. In light of the vast social, environmental, and existential harm that animal agriculture causes, we students urge the University of California to set a global precedent by ending all support of this industry.

Adopting these demands is far from extreme, and follows in the footsteps of numerous universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics, who have adopted plant-based meal services and banned various animal products. The UC can and should go further – we ask that you meet with our coalition of students to begin the transition to a more just food system.

Sign the petition below and urge UC to do the right thing.



Bruins Opposing Speciesism, UCLA · Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy · Effective Altruism at UCLA · DxE UC Berkeley · Effective Altruists at Berkeley · UC Davis PEACE · Effective Altruism Club of UC Irvine · Bruin Animal Rescue Coalition, UCLA · Students Opposing Speciesism at UC Davis · Greening the Greeks at UCLA · Davis Organization for Animal Advocacy · UC Santa Barbara HEAR · DxE UCLA · Veg Bruins, UCLA · Direct Action Everywhere · Anonymous for the Voiceless · Extinction Rebellion ·


Rohan Prasad, B.A. Economics, UC Berkeley ‘22 · Kris Chari, B.A. Business Economics, UCLA ‘23 · Lynnea Doshi, B.S. Human Biology & Society and Ecology, Behavior & Evolution, UCLA ‘22 · Suzannah Smith, B.A. Political Science, UC Berkeley ‘21 · Kara Long, B.A. Psychology, UC Davis ‘23 · Maggie Bui, B.S. Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, UCLA ‘20 · Sabrina Orlowski, B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA ‘23 · Jacob Blankenship, B.A. Political Science, UCLA ‘22 · Sean Richardson, UCLA Staff (Section Leader, Department of Philosophy), B.A. Philosophy, UCLA ‘19 · Jeffrey Yun, B.S. Computer Science, UCLA ’19 · Gabriella Sidhu, B.A. Political Science, UCLA ‘22 · Lucero Nicole Sanchez Aquije, B.A. Geography, UCLA ‘24 · Nicole Gennaoui, B.A. Psychology, UCLA ‘21 · Astha Sahoo, B.S. Neuroscience, UCLA ‘24 · Ketly Palacios Trinidad, B.A. Psychology, UCLA ‘23 · Rina Rossi, B.A. Political Economy & Classics, UC Berkeley ‘22 · Celeste Mancia, B.A. Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCLA ‘24 · Erica Wilson, B.A. Political Science, UC Berkeley ‘21 · Liv Slaby, B.A. Musicology, UCLA ‘21 · Joshua Clark, B.A. Musicology, UCLA ‘21 · Varun Iyer, B.S. Physics, B.A. Philosophy, UCSB ‘22 · Salil Goyal, B.A. Applied Mathematics, UC Berkeley ‘22 · Brian Liu, B.A. Applied Math and Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley ‘21 · Morgan Boutilier, B.A. Sociology ‘19 Juris Doctor ‘23, UCLA · Zina A. Patel, B.S. Bioengineering: Bioinformatics, UC San Diego ‘22 · Naomi Jennings, B.S. Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, UCLA ‘21 · Kalina Brinas, B.S. Cognitive Science, UCLA ‘20 · Kian Bidari, B.A. Political Science, UC Davis ‘22 · Athena Koon, B.S. Biology, UCLA ‘23 · Guadalupe Gonzalez, B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA ‘23 · Sarah Wang, B.A. Public Health Policy, UC Irvine ‘21 · Almira Tanner, Direct Action Everywhere · Ameya Kunder, B.A. Physics, UC Berkeley ‘23 · Lanlan (Valentina) Jin-Trowbridge, Mentor for Effective Altruism at UCLA · George Stiffman, Collaborator on dining initiatives at UCLA · Julie Yang, B.S. Environmental Sciences, UCLA ‘23 · Jason Zhang, B.S. Mathematical Economics, UCLA ‘20 · Zoe Rosenberg, B.A. Sociology, UC Berkeley ‘24 · Jackson Schobert, B.A. Political Science, UCSB ‘22 · Camila Holm, B.A. Economics, UCSB ‘19 · Megan Long · Daniel Choi, B.S. Computer Science, UCLA ‘23 · Esha Dahake, B.A. Business Administration, UCB ‘22 · Brian Liu, B.A. Applied Math, Integrative Biology, UCB ‘21 · Emma Toon, B.A. Data Science, UCB ‘22 · Amoolya Grandhi, B.S. Chemistry, UCB ‘22 · Celeste Rodriguez, B.A. Sociology, UCB ‘23 · Noah Schwartz, B.A. Mathematics, B.A. Computer Science, UCB ‘21 · Chloë Rae Adolfo, B.S. Molecular Environmental Biology, UCB ‘24 · Christina Liu, J.D., UCB ‘23 · Marbrisa Flores, Alumna, UCB ‘20 · Cassie King, Alumna, UCB ‘18 · Michael Alavi, Alumna, UCB · Kalyb Sims · Melissa Woo, M.A. Education, UCLA · Victoria Yim · Irene Brosseit · Anna Platanaki · Trisha Mallya · Presley Tamara · Mahi Kabra, B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA ‘24 · Trisha Mallya, B.S. Cognitive Science, UCLA · Thiara Thompson, M.F.A. Acting, UCLA ‘21 · Sneha Geethakrishnan, B.S. Cognitive Science, UC Davis ‘24 · Cecilia Marquez · Staci Plikaytis · Damin Justice Curtis, M.A. International Affairs, UC San Diego ‘21 · Levi Brasga · Jacob Hernandez, Law Student, UCLA · Noel Lopez · Pearl Oldiges, B.S. Earth Science, UC Santa Cruz ‘22 · Erin Meyer, Staff, UC Merced · Korina Moriarty, B.A. Musicology and Gender Studies, UCLA ‘21 · Alisha Nesslage, B.A. Philosophy and Political Science, UC Merced ‘22 · Joshua Doland, B.A. Philosophy and Political Science, UCLA ‘21 · Alhees Basharmal, B.A. Communication, UCSB ‘24 · Rithana Srikanth, B.S. Neuroscience and Psychology, UCLA ‘22 · Cody Nunn, B.A. Political Science, UC Santa Barbara ‘22 · Christina Sargsyan, B.A. Psychology, UCLA ‘22 · Taylor Tropiano · David A Cleveland, Research Professor, UC Santa Barbara · Jamila Berryman, B.A. Sociology, UCLA ‘21 · Lauren Dela Rosa, B.A. Math Studies, UC Berkeley ‘23 · Alicia Santurio · Alexis Santurio · Paula Santurio · Alex Santurio · Rocky Chau · Jack Kisling, Incoming UC student · Somya Panchal, B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA ‘22 · Shaili Mathur, M.S. Bioinformatics, UCLA ‘21 · John Miller, Alumna, UCLA ‘20 · Hana Lim, B.S. Statistics, UCLA ‘21 · Katherine Chen, B.S. Climate Studies, UCLA ‘24 · Makayla Pickett · Vikki Lenola · Sophia Papia, B.A. Ethnomusicology, UCLA ‘21 · Maria Carias, B.S. Environmental Science, UCLA ‘21 · Katie Chan, B.A. Sociology, UCLA ‘21 · Ursula Buchanan · Ilona Zamora · Kaylie Bair, B.S. Materials Science, UCLA ‘23 · Boston Thome, UC San Diego ‘24 · Keya Luo, B.S. Biology, UCLA ‘22 · Jadyn Kim, B.A. Sociology, UC San Diego ‘21 ·