09 Mar 2021

Students across the UC System Protest at Harris Ranch, The Largest Cattle Feedlot in California

The University of California must do better and stop supplying from Harris Ranch, activists say.

March 6th, Coalinga, CA

This weekend students converged upon Harris Ranch to urge the University of California system to drop the farm as a beef supplier. Students had recently received confirmation from the UC Office of the President that Harris Ranch is a supplier to the UC system when the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere released an undercover investigation of the Harris Ranch slaughterhouse. The footage showed cows jumping on top of each other in fear and many fully conscious cows having their throats slit without first being stunned. This investigation spurred the UC activist group Stop the Slaughter into action. Stop the Slaughter organizer and UC Berkeley senior Suzannah Smith said, “After watching that footage I knew we had to do everything possible to get our school to end its contract with Harris Ranch, so we decided to go directly to the farm to see the cruelty ourselves.”

The 800 acre factory farm has come under fire during the pandemic for remaining open and endangering workers despite COVID-19 outbreaks among employees. Stop the Slaughter organizer and UCLA junior Lynnea Doshi says that given the scale of this factory farm, mistreatment of employees is reprehensible but unsurprising. “Factory farms are bad for all of us. The wellbeing of humans and non-humans alike are sacrificed for profit by these farms, and in its continued support, the UC system is complicit in this abuse.” Members of this same activist group led an undercover investigation and exposed human and animal cruelty at Seaboard Farms last year, leading UC Berkeley to drop the factory farm as a pork supplier.